I am available for LIMITED paid shoots and everyone on set must have a vaild COVID test no later than 72 hours before the shoot. Quarantining is required while awaiting your test results.


I am available for LIMITED paid shoots (stills & videos) in a variety of genres. I started out shooting only lingerie/implied/artistic nude and have over the years transitioned into shooting b/g videos, so I have a very wide range of abilities. I know some of you that only shoot implied/artistic nude might be a little intimidated by the fact that I shoot porn but don’t worry we don’t have to go that route!  Here is a list of the types of shoots I do and my rates.  If something isn’t listed here that you’d like to shoot, let’s chat about it. STD testing is mandatory for any non-solo porn shoots.

What I consider billable time for a shoot: Due to COVID billable time is from the time I walk on set to the time I leave.

Non-Nude Shoot

$125 Per Hour


$175 Per Hour


$200 Per Hour


$275 Per Hour


$300 Per Hour


$250 Per Hour